List Management – How To Troubleshoot the “In Use” Error When Deleting Items in List Management

If you tried to delete a list item within Settings > Setup, you may get an error saying "XX is in use" if the list item is currently associated in some way to an employee in Flare. Regardless of whether the employee has an active, terminated or other status, the system will not allow the list item to be deleted until it has been disassociated with all employees.




To delete that list item you must re-associate all of the relevant employees with a different list item. To do so:

Follow Me.

1. Navigate to Organisation > Manage Employees
2. Find the employees that are currently in that Division, Department, Job, etc.. E.g. If you are trying to delete the HR Division which is currently in use, you can filter the Division to HR by clicking the mceclip4.png button. 

3. Click the pencil button (mceclip5.png) next to the employees who belong to that division, department or job.
4. Navigate Employees > Employee Details > Role and update the specific list item.
5. E.g. if you wanted to delete the HR department, under Job details select the Edit button to display the division, department and job structure.
6. Select your employee's new Division, Department and Job.

job_changes_1.gif 7. Once the new job has been allocated, a ‘Change management’ screen will pop-up to confirm the changes.
8. Fill in the start date to indicate when this change comes into effect as well as any additional comments.
9. Select Submit to confirm the change.
10. Navigate back to Organisation > Manage Employees and repeat step 2 - 9 for each of the different statuses (e.g. non-starter, terminating, terminated, etc.).

*Note: you can also batch update these changes for larger groups of employees. Please visit this article on information on how to do so.

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