List Management – How To Delete Items in the Divisional Structure

When your organisational structure changes, you can keep your Divisions, Departments and Job titles up to date in Flare by deleting any of the above items that are no longer in use. Before you delete a division, department or job, you need to ensure that you have no employees associated with that division, department or job.

This article will review the following:
1. How to Delete a Division or Department
2. How to Delete a Job

When you delete these items you may get an error saying "XX is in use" if the list item is currently associated in some way to an employee in Flare. Please visit this article on information on how troubleshoot it.


Follow Me.

Delete a Division or Department

1. Navigate to Settings > Setup and select the List Management tab.
2. If you are looking to delete a Division or Department, then within the lookup list drop-down select either Divisions or Departments


3. Find the list item you want to remove and press the Delete button next to it and Yes in the pop-up.|


Delete a Job

1. Navigate to Settings > Setup and select the Jobs tab.
2. Find the job within the drop-down list and press the Delete button followed by Yes in the pop-up.



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