Awards – How To Edit Awards

Awards allow employers to identify if an employee's role is governed by a specific award, these awards can be associated with a superannuation fund, pay and working conditions.

Awards can also be included within contract templates, and easily attached to an employee's details page. 

Awards do not apply any changes to the employees Flare record, they are only for reporting purposes only.


Where this field appears:
- Settings > Batch Upload template 
- Organisation > Manage Employees > Add a new person
- Employee > Employee Details > Role


Follow Me.

To add a new option to the list

  1. Navigate to Settings > Setup > Awards  

  2. Select the Add New option on the right-hand side of the screen

  3. Insert the Award/EBA name into the Title field

  4. Allocate the default super fund associated with the Award/EBA within the Superfund field, this is optional and not required

  5. Select Save 



To edit/delete an existing option:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Setup > Awards  

  2. Locate the Award/EBA that you need to amend and click on the Edit option to update the Award/EBA or Delete to remove the Award/EBA from the list 

  3. If you have renamed the list item then click Save once you’re done to save your changes


Note: An Award/EBA option can be assigned to an employee upon profile creation or via the Award field on their role page. The award field can be used in populating employment contracts or reporting. 

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