List Management – How To Add, Edit and Delete List Items


You can manage all your lists in Flare through one page. This allows you access to easily add, edit and delete items.

Examples of items maintained in lists include Divisions, Departments, Pay groups and Visa Types.

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              List Example 1                                     List Example 2

Access to this area requires a high level security permission.

In order to access this page within Flare, a user will need the following:

    • To be a member of a permission group
    • To have the relevant permission turned on within the group
    • To have menu access turned on within the group

Follow Me.

To manage your lists navigate to Settings > Setup and select the List Management tab.


Adding an item to a list

1. Within List management, find the list you wish to edit the Lookup lists drop-down

2. Click Add Item

3. Name the item and click Update



Deleting and editing items on a list

1. Within List management, find the list you wish to edit the Lookup lists drop-down

2. Click on Edit to rename the list item or Delete to remove the list item

3. If you have renamed the list item then click Update once you’re done to save your changes



Note: You may not be able to delete the list item if it is currently in use in an employee's profile/details. For more information on this, please see How To Troubleshoot the "In Use" Error When Deleting Items in List Management



For a breakdown of all the configurable lists in Flare, please click here.

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