Teams - What Are Teams?

The Team Leader functionality in Flare comes in handy when an employee might have a dotted reporting line or working on a cross department project. 

Team Leaders can be given security permissions equal to a manager if required, to view and change employee data, access Emergency Contact detail information etc.

This article will outline


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Teams setup

1. Navigate to Settings > Setup > Teams.

2. Select the relevant team from the drop-down list of teams (or create a new team by selecting Add new).

3. Add the person to the Members section by typing in their name or check to see if they are already a team member listed.

4. Nominate a Team Leader for each team by selecting their name from the drop-down list and click Save.

Note: Only a user that is already 'Member' of the team can be selected as 'Team Leader'.



Permission setup

Permissions setup in Settings > Security for the column "Team" will control what a Team Leader can see or change about people only within the team they lead.

Note: The 'Team' permission only applies to Team leaders (not to team members).

Check the permission group settings for the Team column to determine what a Team Leader is able to View/Change/Not see:


Check each permission group to see if there are Team permissions and review which employees are in those permission groups. See this article to amend security permissions.


Teams functionality

My team details

Team Leaders can see team members via the radio button list "My team" and search bar in the Employees section.

Team permission settings will control what they can see about their team members. 


Meet your team

A new starter can also see their Team Leader and team members via the 'Meet your team' step in Onboarding or other processes:



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