Teams – How To Set Up a Team

The 'Teams' functionality in Flare lets new starters see who they will be working with (via the meet your team step in onboarding) and also controls configurable access and permission levels for 'Team' leaders. 

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1. Navigate to Settings > Setup, select the Teams tab and click Add new
2. Name your Team and click Save

3. Add the team members by typing in the first three letters of their name into the Members section then selecting the employees from the drop-down box. Continue adding employees until the team is complete.
4. If applicable, set a Team Leader from the list of employees within the Team. Type in their name into the Team Leader section. Don't forget to click Save!


5. You may want to check the Security Settings to confirm what permissions access you want to give/have given the Team Leader.


Did you know?
You can also follow the above steps 3 & 4 to setup a new Team Leader for an existing Team.
You can be a member of multiple Teams.
You can batch upload an allocation of a Primary Team for each employee

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