Divisional Structure – How To Add a Job and Attach it to a Divisional Structure

Adding a job to Flare allows you to automatically populate new hires contracts with their job information as well as allowing you to view and keep track of your organisation's division structure.

Follow Me.

1. From the Menu, select Settings, then Setup.

2. Click on the tab called Jobs select Add new

3. Fill out all the relevant information regarding the new Job and if needed add a job description document

4. Click Save


Attaching Jobs to the Division / Department Structure

5. In the next tab Divisional structure click on the division

6. Right click the department you wish to add the job to and click Add job


7. Select the Job you wish to add from the list that appears at the bottom of the page and click Add

8. This job will now belong to that department and division, which will enable you to select it as an option when adding a new employee to Flare. It will also be available to update an existing employee's job title on their Role page.

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