Jobs - How To Allow Employees To Sign-Off on a Job Description Document

When setting up jobs you have the ability to add a job description document for your employees to review and sign off on during their onboarding journey. 

This comprises two parts:

1) Adding job descriptions to jobs in Flare for sign-off

2) Adding the job description sign off step to the onboarding process

The below article reviews how to add job descriptions to jobs in Flare for sign-off.

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Please note: If no documents are attached to a job, there will be nothing for the employee to review and sign. 
1. Go to Settings > Setup > Jobs. Select the Job you would like to add a document to.


2. In the Documents required for this job section, select which folder you would like the Job Description to appear, once the employee has signed it (e.g. 'Completed Documents') 

3. Click Add from Library and find the respective document in the Organisational Library via the Select Documents popup. Click Select to attach them to the Job Record.

4. Locate and 'right click' on the newly added document then select Sign off required.

Note: If this is missed, the document won't appear for signoff during onboarding.


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