Work Groups – What Are Work Groups?

Work groups allow you to easily manage the functionality that your employee have in the system, automatically adding the right employees to the relevant groups (based on their position within the organisational structure).


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Work groups act as a cluster of people.

Work groups are an important building block in setting up your Flare system. Work groups are used to provide access and responsibilities throughout the Flare solution to the specific list of employees who are members of that work group. An employee can become a member of the work group because they have a specific job title or are in a department or division. See the diagram below for how to build up a work group and how work groups relate to functionality such as alerts, permission groups and approvals.


Base your work groups on your structure, not individuals.  

The important aspect is that each of the Flare functions relies on the work group membership only, not the actual person. This means that as employees join or leave the organisation, change jobs or departments, their involvement in the system is automatically adjusted.

Work groups ensure that system processes are adhered to automatically when employees join the organisation, or change jobs or departments.

Work groups should be established along functional areas, as many work groups as required should be created but no more.


Who should be part of a Work group?

Typically work groups should be established along functional and responsibility lines. So line employees in a specific department would be part of a functional group, managers in the operations function would be in a work group, payroll would be part of a work group (with very limited membership), the executive team should be part of a work group, and so on.

An analysis of the organisational structure and functional activities of employees should be undertaken to create appropriate work groups. A conservative approach is recommended, restricting participation, as this can be easily extended over time.



Secure work groups:

If you would like to minimise who can add users to a work group there is a "Secure group" checkbox available when setting up work groups. 


What this check box does is look at the permission Company : Access Secure WorkGroup and determine if the user is allowed to add an employee to this work group.


This feature is handy if you have multiple users adding employees to Flare and you want to limit what access they can grant new employees.

Please be careful here!
If you add a location to work group, EVERYONE in the location is in the work group and will get the attached permission. The same behaviour exists for Job, Department or Division.

If you need assistance with setting up work groups, please reach out to our support team.

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