What are Employee Statuses?

This article outlines the 7 categories listed under Manage Employees. The categories in the drop down field is used to filter the list of employees visible by their status. Before searching for an employee, select the correct category from the Show the following employees filter.

Note: The process diagram in this article may also be helpful for understanding the record status lifecycle: Employee Statuses 

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Navigate to Organisation > Manage employees > Show the following employees filters

These options are as follows:


Active employee (Existing Employee)

An active employee, is an existing or live employee record. This means that they have also completed all stages in their new employee or active employee onboarding process. Most of your employee records will appear in this category.


Recruits who have been sent letter of offer (Recruits that haven't started onboarding)

Before a new employee is marked as 'Active' they will be sent a welcome email with their initial login details. 

When the new employee has been sent their welcome email and they have not yet logged into Flare for the first time they will be in the 'Recruit' status and therefore appear in this category.

This status also means they have not yet started their onboarding workflow.

See this article for information on how to add someone to flare. How Do I Add An Employee

Please note, a candidate will move into this status when 'Onboard Candidate' button is selected.


New hire to proceed with onboarding (Recruits that have started onboarding)

Following on from the 'Recruits who have been send letter of offer' status.

An employee will appear in this category when they have logged in for the first time, reset their password and commenced their onboarding journey.


New candidates who need to be sent an offer (No welcome email has been sent)

Typically used for when you have created a Candidate because you want to add them to Flare but are not ready to send them a contract or have them start onboarding.

Some clients use this for applicant tracking, some use it as a way of managing their Candidate records whilst they wait for approval to move forward.

When you use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration any new record sent to Flare via that connection will appear in this list.

(these providers use the FlareHR API for Candidate Records  - Add Candidate API

See this article for more information on creating candidates: How to Add a Candidate 


Terminating (Active but in the process of exiting the business)

When employees have notified you of their intent to leave the business they generally give the required notice period. At that time you can set the employee to 'Terminating' which is an active status but one that indicates they are exiting the business but that their end date has not yet lapsed.


Terminated (An employee no longer active)

When a terminating employee has left the business, their status will change to terminated and they will now appear in this category.

The Terminated status prevents the former employee from logging into their Flare account specific to your business (they may have multiple active instances across different employers). You can also lookup previously terminated employee records from this category.

Non Starter (An employee no longer active)

When an employee decides that they do not want to join your company before their start date. You can change a recruit or an onboarding profile to a Non Starter. 

The Non Starter status prevents the former employee from logging into their Flare account specific to your business (they may have multiple active instances across different employers).

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