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How To Add a Licence

Are you required to add a driver's license on your Flare account? Do you need to update your expiring license that you added during your onboarding? Follow me to upload / update your licenses in Flare!

Follow Me.

1. Navigate to Employees > Employee Details > Qualifications and next to Licensing and certification select Add new.


2. Drop down the new license and fill out the required fields.

Note: Some fields are not mandatory for certain licenses entered, make sure to fill in the asterisks fields. 

3. Add the scanned copy of your license or certificate by clicking Add new. When you have completed adding your license or certificate click Save.


4. As licenses approach expiring date, there is a smart alert notifying employees and their direct report manager (this may vary depending on how the smart alert is set up) to renew the details of the license. 

The smart alert settings can be found here: How to Create a Smart Alert



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