How to add a form to an Info Request

When creating an info request process, you can add forms to enable your people to review their details, input additional information and sign off. As your business changes, you can also amend and add what forms are included in your info requests. This article will review how to add a form to an info request process.

Follow Me. 

1. First, to add the form to an info request process you need to ensure you have added the form to your Organisation Library. For support on completing this, please click here to view a step by step guide.

2. Second you need to set up security setting of a document. Please refer to the following article for the steps: How Do I Update The Security Settings Of A Document?
3. Navigate to Settings > Rules and select the Process templates tab 
4. Under the Process Group drop-down select Information Request
5. Click 'Add new' and name your Info Request, note that this name will not be visible to employees
6. Tick the Active tick box, and under the Process Type drop-down, select Information Request.
7. Under Process Description, you can write a short description about the process for your own reference.
8. Click Save.


9. Scroll down to the Process Steps Setup and click Add Step.
10. Fill out the Step setup section, including:

a. Step title- will be at the top of that step in the info request process. 

b. Instruction - the text in this box will show up on certain content types. 
c. Target completion date - select how long you want to give your employees to complete this step

11. When editing the step, select 'Complete Form' from the Content type drop-down.
12. Click Add from library and find the form within your Org Library that you want included in this step.

13. Fill in details in the remainder of the step and click Save, this may include defining:

a. Processing rules - determine whether an approval is required to proceed or whether employees can skip the step
b. Estimated effort in minutes for this step - how long should completing this step take
c. Smart alerts - what automated emails should be triggered by this step

13. Drag and drop the step to the correct position and click Save one more time.



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