How to send an Information Request

Information Requests allow you to request employees to complete forms, sign new policies or update their visas/licences.

Follow these steps to learn how to send an information request which allows employees to easily sign new documents or update their personal information in a similar format to the onboarding process!

If you are looking to send a contract variation via an Info Request, you might find this detailed article more useful: How to create a contract variation via Info Request 

Follow Me.

1. Head over to Employees > Role.


On the right side of the page, locate the Info Request button

Note: This will only appear if you have permission to launch Info Requests.

2. The below pop up will appear

Select Required Process: Select the Info Request you have previously created and would like to launch out to an employee.

Purpose of this process: Give a sentence of why this process needs to be done - this will not be visible to the employee.

Title: Give the request a title (e.g. Contract variation)

Note: This will be visible to the employee at the beginning of the process as the title

Request: Give a description of this request

Note: This will be visible to the employee at the beginning of the process underneath the title

3. Select the employee or employees (via creating a query) you wish to send this Info Request to

4. Click 'Submit' 

5. Next time the respective employee(s) log in, the Info Request will be open and display instead of the Dashboard.


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