How To Add a Note to an Employee’s Profile

You can add notes to employee's profiles to log details about anything from performance management, incidents or anything else! Access to notes can also be limited so that only specific people or groups can view employee notes.


Please click on the below options, if you would like to learn 

Follow me. 

1. From Menu, select Employees. Under Employee Details, click the drop-down arrow and select Notes.


2. At the top of the page search for the employee you wish to add a note to and click Add Note.

Adding_a_Note_4_5.gif3. Fill the title, select a category, enter the note, and define who can access this note. See more details regarding access to the note from within the Limit access to a Note article.

4.  After the information has been filled in, click Save Note.


5. To attach a document to the newly saved note click on Attach fileEnter a title for the document to be uploaded and click Select and upload.


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