How To Limit Access to a Note on an Employee’s Profile

When you add a note to an employee's profile you can define who can access this note.

If you don't limit access to the note and the employee or manager has access to the notes page, they will be able to view the note. Please note that once a note is saved, the access cannot be updated or changed. If a manager has access to the notes page for their direct reports, they will be able to view the note as well.

Follow Me.

1. From Menu, select Employees. Under Employee Details, click the drop down arrow and select Notes.

2. At the top of the page search for the employee you wish to add a note to and click Add Note.

3. Click Limit access to this note to enter work groups or individuals who will have access to the note.

4. Click Close to apply the note access.


When specifying access to the note, only individuals or members of the selected work groups will be able to see the note. After you save the note if limited access has been applied to the note, a padlock icon will be visible on the bottom right of the note. Clicking this icon will show who has access to view the note.



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