Batch Upload - Tips and Tricks

Dealing with large amounts of data can be tricky! Here are a few tips and a couple of tricks to help you upload your employee data or troubleshoot any errors you might be seeing. 

For a guide on how to complete a batch upload click here.


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Ensure ReportsTo emails match

Make sure the email address in the 'ReportsTo' column matches an actual employee's email address. This reporting line function is how Flare generates the organisational chart and affects functions such as approvals.

Pre-set information in Flare first

The following fields need to exist in Flare prior to uploading the spreadsheet into Flare:

  • Entity
  • Brand
  • Location
  • Pay group
  • WorkPattern
  • Pay award
  • Pay rate code
  • Cost Centre


Spreadsheet format

Note that the format of the spreadsheet format must remain how it was received. If columns are removed, moved or added the system will not accept the upload. 

Please note that you cannot remove individual columns of a section either - for example, the X section contains the following columns
Simply leave the column blank, if the column is not to be added. 


Superfund information

Make sure that if you are uploading Superfund details, that it contains either all of the necessary information or nothing. For example the system will not accept a Superfund missing a member number or a SMSF missing ABN.


Exact matches

Ensure that the below fields in the spreadsheet exactly match in Flare with no extra spaces or uppercase/lowercase. Make sure to use the drop downs where available. 

  • Status
  • State
  • Country
  • Legal Entity
  • Brand
  • Location
  • Employment basis
  • Pay group
  • Work hour period
  • Pay award
  • Pay state
  • Payment period


Match Salary to Payment Period

Ensure that the Salary value has a matching Payment Period - for example ensure an annual salary value has 'Year' set in the Payment Period column. 


Eliminate all typos

The system is sensitive to upper and lower case characters so be sure to confirm that everything matches exactly. The system will create duplicate entries otherwise. 


Maximum and minimum values

There are some maximum and minimum values that can be entered in the system. Bank Statement Text has a maximum of 18 characters and Bank account number has a minimum of 5 digits.


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