How To Add an Existing (Active) Employee

Flare makes it easy and simple to add your current employees onto the platform. You can add them either individually or batch upload so just select your method then follow these steps and you're on your way!


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Option 1: Adding employee individually

  1. From the Menu, select Organisation, then Manage Employees.  
  2. Select the relevant entity from the Legal Entity drop down in the top right hand corner.
  3. Click Add a new person


     3. Under Add with following status select Existing employee not in Flare


    4. Fill in the personal details of the employee, including name, Date of Birth, Email, Address and the        department he/she will join.   


   5. Complete the next section by filling in the employee’s employment details.


   6. Fill in the employee’s salary details.


   7. If you wish you can also add a profile picture for the employee.


   8. You can upload a custom employment contract, or use the systems automatically generated contract.


   9. Once the information is completed, click Save



Option 2 - Batch Upload


  1. From the Menu, select Organisation, then Manage Employees.
  2. Click Batch Upload


   3. Under Employee load options, select Employee Spreadsheet


   4. Select a preset employee spreadsheet, you will have 3 options: Basic, Standard and Full.


   5. Download the spreadsheet and fill in the data


   6. Upload the spreadsheet to import the data into Flare.




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