How To Add a Contractor To Flare

We understand that sometimes you might want to add any contractors into Flare to ensure all of your people records are stored in one place or to provide Flare Benefits to these individuals. 

Adding a contractor to Flare will likely require some changes to your usual employee setup. Please ensure you review the below items to ensure your Flare instance is set up for Contractors

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Setting up a separate Onboarding process for Contractors

Contractors will usually invoice your business directly and are therefore not required to provide any payroll information to you. 

Please note: All users added into Flare are required to complete an Onboarding process to set up their profile in Flare. You will need to set up a process specifically for your Contractors to complete. 

Please navigate to this article for a step-by-step guide on How to set up separate onboarding & offboarding processes


Adding a Contractor

1. From the Menu, select Organisation, then Manage Employees.

2. Choose your legal entity in the top right corner of the page if relevant. 
Click Add a new person, a large pop-up will appear for you to add the new Employee details. 

3. Select whether or not the employee being added is a new hire, candidate, or an active employee.


4. Fill out all mandatory fields, for more information on what each field means click here

Important: Select Contractor in the Employment type dropdown. This will also update your Pay group to Contractor to ensure these individuals are not involved in any of your pay runs. 


5. To preview the employee's contract click Preview contract

6. Once all information is entered, select Onboard employee 

7. The contractor will immediately be sent a Welcome Email from Flare with details to log in.


Leave setup for Contractors

1. Navigate to Employees > Payroll Setup > Set up pay to view the user's current entitlements.

2. Ensure you review the setup and edit this as required as per this article - Adding, editing or deleting employee's leave entitlements

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