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How To Terminate an Employee


This action requires high level permissions.

Exercise caution when changing employee’s statuses as once they are set they cannot be reverted.


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1. From the Menu, select Organisation, then Manage Employees (you can also set a status from an employees role page with certain permissions)

2. Find the Employee you wish to terminate by either manually scrolling or searching using the filter.PNG icon

3. Click Set status button next to the employee you wish to terminate

4. Update the employee status to terminated 

5. Set an effective date in the future, this is the date the employee will be terminated from the platform. If you set a date in the past it will change their status immediately

6. If the person that you are terminating has any employees reporting to them, the system will ask if you want to nominate somebody else for these employees to report to once the termination date has been reached. If you nominate someone, it will automatically update the org chart on the date effective.

7. Fill in the type and reason details about the termination and include any relevant notes then click Update.

8. If applicable you or someone in your organisation may need to approve the termination, you can learn how to do that here.


9. This may initiate the offboarding process if you have one set up or you may launch an Info Request General Offboarding process.

10. Once the termination date has been reached the user will no longer be able to log into Flare.



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