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How To Add/Create a Candidate

Instead of adding a Recruit into Flare directly, you might want to add a person as a Candidate first. Candidates don't receive any communication from Flare until they are promoted to a recruit. Getting a candidate set up in the system allows you to complete the hiring process at your own pace, you can input all the information now and then hire later!

This functionality allows for someone else to review and approve the contract before sending it, other users can add further detail to the Candidate's record (e.g. payroll can add payment details) or it can simply act as an additional check before issuing the Welcome Email. 


Follow Me.

  Before you add a new user, first make sure they do not already exist in Flare.


1. From the Menu, select Organisation, then Manage Employees.

2. Select an entity from Legal Entity drop down in the top right hand corner then Click mceclip1.png, A large pop-up will appear for you to add the new Employee details. 

3. Select candidate from the drop down menu.


4. Fill out all mandatory fields, for more information on what each field means click here

5. Be sure to correctly select who the employee reports to as this will determine their position in the org structure

6. Once all the information is filled out select add_candidate.PNG


Note: This does not issue a Welcome Email to the user. This simply adds a record into Flare. Once you wish to invite the user to Onboard via Flare, please follow these steps - How to turn a Candidate into a Recruit

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