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Work patterns allows for the assignment of hours worked each day to enable the correct application of leave requests.

You have a part time employee that changed work pattern but the work pattern does not exist in the system yet? Let me show you how to create your own work pattern.

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Work patterns are to be created at a company level, before it can be assigned to employees. The steps to create company level work patterns are as follows:

Let's head to the Settings > Work Patterns page. 

You will be greeted by the following page: 


First, Work Pattern, once created and assigned to an employee cannot be deleted or edited easily. Ensure you do not pollute the database with non-used work patterns or duplicates. 

To ensure no duplicates are made, start by going through the list of work patterns by clicking on the arrow of the drop down list. 
Your work pattern is not in the list? Let's proceed and create it then. 


Let's click on the "+ Add pattern" button. 

An new section will appear: 

1. Name your new Work Pattern, make sure this names is easily understandable and does explain what the work pattern represents. 

2. Select the number of days. This will be the 'loop' period where the work pattern repeats itself. 

3. Select the days worked for this work pattern. 

4. Edit the hours worked or select directly a specific set of hours with the "From" and "To" hours selection. 

5. Should the employee have a break? Add any break time during the day here. 


The option of creating a work pattern which spans 24hrs is only applicable where a Time & Attendance (T&A) system is being utilised and hours each pay period are imported via a timesheet, and employees are on a variable work pattern / roster.


Then make sure you save your work pattern and you can then assign it to your employee! 
Don't know how to do that? Don't worry, we explain it in this article

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