How to Troubleshoot the "Email Already in Use" Error?

When updating an existing employee's email address in Flare you may see the error "Email already in use." This occurs if the employee has an existing Flare account already associated to that email. This account might be within your business or in another organisation using Flare.

When troubleshooting this, the process to follow is:

1. Check whether a profile exists in your account with that email address.
2. Contact Flare Support to update the email address

Follow Me.

Check whether a profile exists in your account with that email address.

Firstly, conduct a search to pinpoint whether another profile contains the email address you are attempting to reuse. You can do this by:

1. Going to Organisation > Manage Employee
2. Click the filter icon  mceclip0.png next to the Email Column
3. Select Contains from the filter drop-down and type in the email address EmailFiltering.gif

4. Complete steps 1 - 3 in each employee status on the Manage Employees page until you either find the email or confirm that the email does not exist in your account.
If the results of your search resulted in a profile using the same email address, you can approach this in different ways depending on your own procedures.

  • If you are attempting to re-onboard the employee and you would like to reuse the profile that is in the system, you can set the status of the profile from Terminated to Candidate, make the necessary amendments on their profile and proceed the candidate towards their onboarding journey by changing the profile status from Candidate to Recruited.
  • If you would like to create a new profile, you can go into the Employee Personal Details of your searched result and add an additional character such as an at the end of the email address in the Email* field.  This will enable you to proceed with using the email address when creating a new profile.

Contact Flare Support to update the email address

If you have confirmed that this email is not associated with any employee in your account, then please contact our Support Team to make this change on your behalf.

Support Team intervention is required due to security concerns that are associated with merging user accounts - which will allow a user to access their accounts within different organisations using one email address. 

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