Add New Employees in Bulk


Batch uploading is a simple and effective way of uploading multiple employees into Flare in one go

  • Make sure all data uploaded into Flare is correct and up to date as well as in the correct format.
  • Be careful if you wish to include existing employees in the spreadsheet as uploading them back will overwrite current information.
  • By accurately filling in Role details Flare will automatically create the organisational structure


Please ensure you read the Batch Upload Tips and Tricks should you have difficulties uploading your data.


Follow Me.

1. From the Menu, select Settings, then Batch upload


2. Make sure Employee load options is set to Employee spreadsheet


3. There are three standard setting of reports, “Basic”, “Standard”, and “Full”, that contain a different set of employee data. Under Step 1, you can tick and untick, which information you require and customize your employee report. If you hover your mouse over any of the info bubbles it will tell you which columns are included in that detail group.


4. In Step 2, you can download the Excel spreadsheet, including the fields you selected in Step 1.

If you downloaded the spreadsheet to upload a changed version, please notice that some fields are mandatory. Others such as salary, bank, and super details are not mandatory but crucial in order to use Flare as your single source of truth and significantly facilitate your HR work.

If you wish to change and edit current employees information via excel you can do so by selecting Include existing employees in the spreadsheet. By choosing this option, it will take a minute or two until it is available in in the alerts list:

In the spreadsheet you can see different sections, e.g. the super section that includes all information we need to get a complete picture of your employees’ current super choice. If you decide you upload data for a specific section, please make sure you are filling all columns of that section.


5. In Step 3. You can upload your updated spreadsheet.

Please tick the box, if you would like to update (overwrite) existing employee information.

Note: The email address of the employee is the unique identifier for that user. If you upload an updated employee profile with a new email address, a second user with the same name will be created.

Therefore, to update an email address, please do so in that employee’s details on Flare, after performing the batch upload.




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