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How to Hard Delete Test Employees

When testing your Flare account's setup, you may create a number of test employees that are no longer required. To permanently remove these test users, you may hard delete them. 


  • Hard deleting a user from Flare will remove their record and any associated information (including documents). This cannot be recovered.
  • Hard deleting a user is NOT the same as terminating an employee and should NOT be used as part of your termination process. For more information on terminating an employee, please click here.

Hard Deleting a Test Employee

To hard delete a test employee please:

  • Navigate to Settings Account.

  • Select the Maintenance tab.


  • Under Delete employee (hard delete) begin enter the name of the test employee and select them from the dropdown.

    Please ensure that you have selected the correct record to delete. 

  • Once certain, to delete the test employee click Delete employee and continue through the authorisation prompts.


  • You can not hard delete a terminated employee. 
  • If you cannot see the Delete employee (hard delete) it may be that you do not have permissions to complete this action.






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