What Are Permission Groups?


A permission group is a set of security settings, grouped together and then assigned to either a work group, entity or individual employees, giving them access to various parts of Flare.

The Security setup page allows you to control Permission Groups and make changes to:


Note: It is important to take care when working with permission group set up, as this can have a significant impact on the use and access of your system. Please contact Support if you are unsure. 

Follow Me. 

Head over to Settings > Security to view the Permission Groups area.



You can click on 'Add new' to create a new permission group for your requirements, or 'Rename' a permission group to suit your needs.


Note: Permissions work in layers. If an employee is listed in two or more permission groups, the employee will always receive the highest level of access/permissions of all the permission groups they belong to.

I.e. if an employee is a member of the 'Manager' permission group and the 'Everyone' permission group, the permission within a group giving them the "higher" permission (Change > View > None) will apply. 



 Under  you can set specific permissions for each permission group.

More detail for each column and row is explained in this article: Security and Permissions Setting 


Menu access

You can give certain permission groups different access to Menu options in Flare by selecting the 'Menu access' tab. 




Select the Members tab to add or remove individual employees under 'People', make changes to 'Work groups' or give access based on the 'Legal entity'. 

If your Flare account is set up with multiple entities, you may choose specific entities that this permission group applies to.

To check who is a member of a group, click 'Show members'.


 Don't forget to click Save 



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