How To See/Change the Members of a Permission Group

Change is a constant in business. It is therefore essential that you can easily review your system settings to ensure that the right staff members have the right access within Flare HR. Follow these steps to easily see which Employees are part of your permission groups and make quick changes where needed.

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A permission group is a set of security permissions designed to be assigned to either individuals or users in your organisation. The set defines the information and functionality that members of the group can access. 



It is important to note that the security setup will have a significant impact on the use and access of your system.

The only permission groups that can access making changes to the Permissions Area are those that have the Secure group box ticked. secure_group.PNG

In order to access a page within your Flare platform, a user will need the following:

✓     To be a member of a permission group
✓     To have the relevant permission turned on within the group
✓     To have menu access turned on within the group

To view the members of a permission group follow the instructions below.

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1. From the Menu, navigate to Settings > Security.

2. From the Permission Group drop-down list select a group.

3. Select the Members tab and click Show members. A pop up will appear with a list of Employees that are members of the selected permission group, along with the reason as to why they are in the group.


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