How To Add a New Permission Group

Run your business with peace of mind knowing the right people have the right access. Create permission groups in your Flare platform to make access to functionality suit your company needs and structure. Follow these steps to get something so important so right.

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A permission group is a set of security permissions.  These are grouped together and designed to be assigned to either a group of users, or individual users.

The set defines the information and functionality that members of the group will have access to.


It is important to note that the security setup will have a significant impact on the use and access of your system.

In order to access a page within your Flare platform, a user will need the following:

✓     To be a member of a permission group
✓     To have the relevant permission turned on within the group
✓     To have menu access turned on within the group

Follow Me.

1. From the Menu, select Settings > Security and click Add new.

Note: When you click add new, the permission group will create a clone of permission settings from the permission group that you are currently viewing.


2. Enter the name of the new group and click Save.



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