How to Change an Employee's Division, Department and Job on the Role Page

Each employee in Flare is associated with a divisional structure. This means that they are related to a division, department and job. Your organisation's divisional structure can be updated in Flare (for more information, please navigate to the 'How to add a job to the divisional structure' article). An employee's job within Flare can also be associated with a specific job description (to set up job descriptions, please navigate to the 'How to add a job description as a document to onboarding').

In order to change an employee's division, department or job in Flare follow the instructions below.

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1. Go to: Employees > Employee Details > Role.
2. Find the relevant employee and under Job details s
elect the Edit button to display the division, department and job structure.
3. Select your employee's new Division, Department and Job. 

job_changes_1.gif 4. Once the new job has been allocated, a ‘Change management’ screen will pop-up to confirm the changes.
Fill in the start date to indicate when this change comes into effect as well as any additional comments.
6. Select Submit to confirm the change.

Note: You will receive the "Employee Changes Saved" notification.

Depending on the approval setting applied, the changes will be saved against the employee or the Approval smart alert has been sent.


There will also be no required  changes to ‘Job Description’ or ‘Formal job descriptions’ as these will be auto-populated by Flare with the appropriate documents and descriptions.


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