What does Position Management mean in Reporting Structure?

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Flare provides a flexible position management function. This includes a bunch of cool functionality to better manage and plan your organizational structure. This document highlights some of the available features and how to use them. Use of the position management function is optional, the system will work seamlessly even if you leave this in the background and don’t use it often.


Key Points.

  • Reporting structures are now managed through the use of positions in Flare.
  • Typically one position reports to another position, when employees are set in these positions reporting lines are set – so we know who reports to whom.
  • Positions and the company org chart can be predefined, and then the positions filled as employees are on-boarded, or alternately positions can be created as and when required.

The ‘Reports To’ Function.

Previously the “reports to” field has been set directly.   The new functionality requires that the position that the employee reports to needs to be set, and then the “reports to” field will be set automatically based on this choice.   The “reports to” field is still available on the employee role screen, but is not editable.


Adding a new employee.

When adding a new employee to Flare there is a new section on the add page called “Position management” that allows you to allocate an employee either to the previously created position or a new position.


An example is shown below for adding a new position –the “reporting line” (the position this newly created position reports into) must be set.


You can also select a pre-existing – and empty – position.

In this case, the reporting line is already specified based on what has been set up in the org chart page:



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