Understanding the Employee Fields on the Role Page

The Role Page within Flare provides you with someone's employment information, including their job details, contract, pay details, etc. This guide explains what the various fields are in the Role Page. 

Follow Me.

When going through the Employees menu you will find up to six sub-menus. 
(If you do not see all of these worry not, it simply means that you do not need these based on your responsibilities) 

Now let's go on and discover the "Employee Details" Section. When opening it you will see that other sub-menus appear under "Employee Details". We will go through Role page together. 



Within the role page you can select an employee's division, department and job. 

Position Managementpositiion.PNG

This allows you to either add an employee to an empty position or create a new position for the new hire.

Each position requires a defined reporting line. This determines who the employee's manager is as well as where they sit in the Org Chart.

Employment Detailsemployment_details.PNG

The Employment Details section contains all information relating to the employment. Which includes:

  • Location (Where the employment takes place)
  • Work Group (This relates to permissions linked to work groups and dictates what the employee has access to within Flare)
  • Primary Team (Which team the employee is in)
  • Pay Group (Which Pay group the employee belongs to)
  • Employment type (The basis that the employee is employed on for example Full Time or Part Time)

Payroll Info

Here you can enter information for your payroll runs. Such as which Award they belong to and their pay state.

Salary Detailssalary_details.PNG

Here you enter the employees' salary information. You can enter their salary on an hourly, daily, weekly or yearly basis. You can also enter how often the employee is paid.


Flare can automatically generate the contract for you if they are setup in the system. If you'd like to attach a contract manually to an employee just select "Use a custom employment contract" as shown below


Once you've filled in all the fields just click Save to finalise the changes. If you've left anything mandatory blank then a warning will pop up informing you of the blank fields. 



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