How to Change an Employee's Pay Group on the Role Page

The role page is useful part for an organisation's employee management. Use the guide below to ensure you know how to make changes to a person's pay group in Flare. 


Follow Me.

1. Go to Employees > Employee Details > Role.

2. On the page scroll to the Payroll (base settings) heading. 

3. Select the appropriate Pay Group  for the employee. 

4. Scroll to the top of the page and click Save.

5. In the Change Management pop up, please pick the appropriate

  • Start Date - The date you would like the change to be effective from 
  • Change type/reasons - Select the correct values for the reason of this change and click 'Ready to submit'
  • Comment - Add further comments relating to this change


6. Click Submit.

Note: You will receive the "Employee Changes Saved" notification.

Depending on the approval setting applied, the changes will be saved against the employee or the Approval smart alert has been sent.



Prefer to watch the Video:


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