How To Change an Employee’s WorkPattern on the Role Page

Work Patterns in Flare store the hours/days that your employees are set to work in a predetermined time period. Using Flare you can update people's work patterns if for example a part time employee in your business changes to a full time employee or if someone changes their standard hours of work. 
This article outlines how you can edit and create a new work pattern for this employee. 

Follow Me.

1. Navigate to Employees > Employee Details > Role

2. Scroll down to the Work Pattern History section and select the Edit button

3. Click on Manage for the Work Pattern editor to pop up.mceclip0.png

4. Within the pop up, you can edit the employee's work pattern by following the below: 

  1. Select your employee's new work pattern from the list. (If the work pattern is not in the list please go to the corresponding article on "How to Create a new Work Pattern")
  2. Select the Effective date for the change to take place
  3. Input the Type of Change and Reason for Change from the drop-downs.
  4. Add a comment for Approval and Audit purposes
  5. Click Set to confirm the change


5. Scroll to the top of the Role Page and click Save.


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