Batch Upload Breakdown

A further look into Batch Upload functionality. Batch uploads can be used to import and export data as well as a good reporting tool.

Note: If you are unable to see the Batch upload tab you may not have the correct Security Permissions. This report contains highly sensitive information and is only recommended for system managers.

Follow Me.

1. Go to Settings > Batch upload



2. The first selection option is Employee load options, it defaults to the standard 'Employee Spreadsheet'. This will provide you with an excel spreadsheet containing the requested data and has the most functionality.


Other options include: 

Employee Qualification - Gives the ability to import/export qualifications data

Employee Training spreadsheet - Gives the ability to import/export training data

Load from Xero - Requires an integration with Xero

Enter employees one at a time - Directs you to the Manage employees screen where you can 'Add a new person'


3. The next selection is "Import Template Type", which defaults to 'Standard'.

Basic - Clears all information group selections, so you can select only the information required.

Standard - Is what Flare considers the most standard selection of information required for an import/export. It includes most information groups except Basic pay details and Third bank account.

Full - Includes all information group selections.


4. STEP 1. Check or uncheck options to set the info (columns) to include.

Here is where you will select the information groups which you wish to include in your import/export. 

What is a batch group?

A batch group is a group of fields in the Flare Platform. You can see which fields are included in each batch group by hovering your mouse over the mceclip0.pngicon. 

Note:"First name", "Last name", "Status", "Email" must always be included in every batch file

Example: Full name information



5. STEP 2. Choose what to include in the download report. 

You are able to download a spreadsheet containing just the batch column's without any employee data loading into it. To do this, you would not select the checkbox below. mceclip1.png

If you select "Get Employee Import Spreadsheet" an excel spreadsheet will download straight to your desktop to be populated. 


If you wish to include current employee's information (in the status of Candidate, Recruited, Onboarding, Active, Terminating) in the spreadsheet, then you will select the checkbox below. 


When you select Get Employee Import Spreadsheet, this will generate a blue message of confirmation notifying you that the spreadsheet is being prepared. You will be notified by email when this spreadsheet is ready. 


6. STEP 3. Upload a spreadsheet to import into Flare. 

There are two check boxes available here:

  •  "Existing employee info will be updated.."- this is used for when you're updating existing employee information. If your import sheet contains employees who are already in the account, you would need to tick this option in order for the import to be successful.
  • "Update divisional structure as determined by import file"- this is used for when you are using new Divisions, Departments, and Job titles in the import sheet that doesn't already exist in Flare (i.e., if there are new roles in the company). Note that if you are wanting to only assign employees to Divisions/Departments/Job Titles that already exist in the account, ensure that this is not ticked.



If there are any first stage errors on the import you will be notified at this stage and the file won't be imported. If the file has no errors it will be imported and you will be notified and confirmed 

Note: You cannot remove a column from the batch group, when you are importing in the file, as this will cause the import to fail.

Note: A field will not be overwritten if it allows multiples, such as Teams. As a user can be part of multiple teams. The batch upload will only show the initial Team in the export. However, if you import with a different Team, then they will be added to this Team also, but it will not remove them from the previous Team, that will need to be done manually.

Note: Status changes should NOT be done via a batch import. This includes batch terminations, setting Candidates to Recruited status in bulk.

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