How To Give Another User Full Admin Access

Split the admin load in your Flare account and give other members of the HR, Payroll or Admin team Super User access to Flare. 

Please make sure you understand the general set up of Permissions, before making changes - 

Note: It is important to take care when working with permission group set up, as this can have a significant impact on the use and access of your system. Please contact Support should you be unsure.  

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Existing Permission Group (recommended process)

This is the recommended process, as you can work with Flare's pre-set Permission Groups. If you have not customised Flare's pre-set Permission Groups further it might be as simple as adding a new member to the 'HR Manager' or 'HR and Payroll' Permission group.

View more information on permissions for pre-set groups here

  1. Go to Settings > Security 
  2. Select the permission group with the most security access in your account

This group will most likely be called 'HR Manager' or 'HR and Payroll'. 

Important: This group has full view and change access for all users in your account.



3. Add the user as a member to the Permission Group

Select the Members tab to add or remove individual employees under 'People', make changes to 'Work groups' or give access based on the 'Legal entity'. 

If your Flare account is set up with multiple entities, you may choose specific entities that this permission group applies to.

To check who is a member of a group, click 'Show members'.

 Don't forget to Save any changes you have made.



New Permission Group

  1. Go to Settings > Security 
  2. Click on 'Add new'

    Note: When clicking on 'Add new' the system will copy the permission settings of the Permission Group you had open when clicking the button. It is therefore recommended that you copy from a group that has similar permissions to what you are trying to set up, or copy from the 'Everyone' group, which has the most basic permissions. 

  3. Click on 'Permissions' tab
  4. Select 'All' to view both Standard and Secure permissions. 

  5. Ensure individual permissions are set to 'View' or 'Change' depending on the access you would like to give.

    Examples of permissions you might want to give for full admin access are below. Please ensure to read the tooltip next to each permission for further detail. 

    Employee : Basic - All - Change
    Employee : Full - All - Change
    Employee : Import Export - All - Change
    Emplotee : Status - All - Change
    Leave : Balance  - All - Yes
    Qualifications : Licences - All - Change
    Qualifications : Qualifications - All - Change
    Qualifications : Visas - All - Change
    OrganizationStructure : Organization Chart - All - Change
    Company : HR Dashboard - All - Yes
    Operations : Audit - All - Yes
    Payroll : Salary - All - Change
    Security : Permission Group - All - Change
    Approval : All Approvals - All - Yes

  6. Click on 'Menu' tab and provide access to items on the navigation panel
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