How To Change the Status of an Employee Who Never Started

If an employee never begins employment after an offer is sent out then they need to be removed from the employee listing.

Then you can change the employee status to Non-Starter.

Note: A "Non-Starter" status can not be applied to active employees, in these cases the employee needs to be set as "Terminated".

Follow me

1. Head to the Manage employee page as shown below.


2. Select "Recruits who have been sent letter of offer" in the drop down menu.


3. Select the employee you wish to change to Non Starter. Click on 'Set status'

4. Click the button for 'Set to Non Starter'.

5. Confirm the action by clicking 'Yes'.


Remove the Onboarding process (optional)

If you would also like to remove the Onboarding process from the employee (to stop them showing in any Onboarding completion reports), please complete the following: 

1. Delete the Onboarding process (active instance) assigned to this employee. Navigate to "Settings>Account>Maintenance".

2. Scroll down to "Delete active process instance by employee" and select the Onboarding instance from the drop-down list that was assigned.

Enter in the employee's name and click "List all instances".

Select the trash can next to the instance and confirm the deletion.



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