How To Set Up and Add a Custom Clause to a Contract


We understand that sometimes you might have agreed on specific contract add-ons that might not be covered in your standard contract template - e.g. a commission agreement that changes for each individual. Rather than adding multiple versions of the same contract to cover every option, you can simply add a Custom Clause. 


Follow Me.

1. From the Menu, Select SettingsRulesCustom Clauses.


2. Select Add new to create a clause you would like to add into your contracts. Create a title, add formatted text to the body of the clause and click Save.
Note: Ensure you tick Active if you would like to use the Clause right away. 


Tip: This can be a clause that doesn't need to be edited but needs to be added to some contracts OR a clause that changes each time you use it (i.e. different $ values per individual).

3. To add the clause to a contract go to Settings > Rules > Template documents > Employee contract. Select the contract you want to edit and click Edit to the right of the contract.  

Note: Custom Clauses are only a placeholder. You have to put them into the right location within your contract to be able to add them when issuing a contract. 



4. In the contract you are editing, scroll to where you would like to add your Custom Clause. select the Custom Clause you have just created from the Custom Clauses dropdown and scroll back up to click Update next to the contract you are editing.
Note: The Custom Clause will appear in your contract as a placeholder called {CustomClause.NameOfClause}


5. Add the Custom Clause to a contract to send to an employee by going to Organisation > Manage employees > Add a new person


Under Employment terms and conditions select which Custom Clause you would like to add to the contract.  Once selected, you can edit the body of the text you have added previously. To add the clause, click on Add.


After finishing all steps above, make sure you preview the contract to ensure you have added the correct clause in the right location. 


You can also watch this process as a video here

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