How To Add a Custom Contract When Promoting a Candidate to a Recruit

When adding new employees into Flare you can choose whether to issue them a contract from an existing Flare contract template or whether you want to use a custom PDF contract. To use a custom PDF contract, follow the below instructions.


Follow Me.

  1. Navigate to Organisation > Manage Employees
  2. Change the status filter on this page to "New candidates who need to be sent an offer"
  3. Find the employee and select Set Status to bring up the promotion screen. 
  4. Under the "Employment terms and conditions" title, select the Use a custom employment contract radio button.
  5. If you wish employees to sign the employment contract in onboarding, select the checkbox titled Employee must sign the custom employment contract. If you don't select this, the employee will view and acknowledge the contract however, Flare will not place a signature on the document. 
  6. Select the Upload button, provide a title for the document, and then choose the PDF document to upload
  7. Select Promote Candidate to trigger the onboarding journey and welcome email as you would typically do so. 


Note: The document that is uploaded must be in a PDF format. You will receive an error message if a  document is uploaded that is not a PDF. 

Note: The contract is saved to the Organisation > Library > Employment Contracts Created as all other contracts are saved

Note: If the contract is to be signed by the employee, Flare will watermark the bottom of every page with the automatic Flare time/date stamp, and will place the physical signature on the top left-hand corner of an additional page of the contract. The additional page is added to the end of the contract. 

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