Guide To Set Up and Add a Job Description to a Employment Contract

To ensure a new hire has read and understood their job description when onboarding, you might want to add this information as an addendum to their contract. 

You can do so by setting up a template document for each job record in Flare.


This comprises of two parts:


Follow Me.

Setting up the description

1. Go to Settings > Setup > Jobs and select the job you would like to add a description for. 

2. Enter the job description in the 'Description' text field


Adding the field to the Employment Contract Template

3. Go to Settings > Rules > Template documents and select 'Employee contract'

4. Click 'Edit' on the contract you would like to add job descriptions to

5. Locate the spot in which you would like the system to automatically populate the job description

6. Click on 'Fields' and select the merge field 'Job Description' ({Job.JobDescription})

7. Click 'Update' on the contract template document to save


The contract will now be pre-populate with the job description defined for the job the employee holds. 

The Role page displays the text matching the employee's job, by clicking on 'View Job Description' under Employees > Employee Details > Role. 



What's next? 

If you would rather an employee sign off on their job description in a separate step during onboarding, please follow the process to add a Job Description as a document to onboarding.

Would you like to know how to attach specific documents directly to the job record?



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