How To Add or Edit Contract Templates

Drive clarity by drawing up your customised contracts in Flare. This configuration will help your company to ensure that all parties agree on the terms of a particular agreement and have everyone to sign a contract. Follow these steps to add a customised contract of your own.   

Please see this article for some tips and tricks on using the text editor. 


Follow Me.

1. From the Settings menu select Rules

2. Click on the Template documents 

3. Select Employee contract from the drop-down filter.

4. To create a new contract, click on Add document or if you would like to amend an existing contract, click on Edit


5. Click on Edit Filter to assign filters to your new employment contract. Filters allow you to select a group of employees who will be assigned to a contract template. For example, you may create a filter to select all employees whose Employment Type is Full Time to receive a particular contract template.

For contract templates, the most common condition to use when creating filters is the Contract Group. 

Note: Ensure that you already have Contract Group names set up before you start creating your contract templates. For more information on how to use contract groups, click on this link

6. Set up the filter by:

  • Naming your query (i.e., Full Time Contract)
  • Ticking "Require permission to edit query"
  • Clicking on Add Condition and selecting the appropriate conditions for your filter (i.e., ContractGroup is equal to Full time Contract)
  • Clicking on Update and then Apply when you're happy with your filter setup.

Note: For more detailed instructions on how to add filters to template documents, click on this link.


7. Scroll down to Template setup and click on Content, then you are ready to type up or paste in your contract. 

If you're pasting a contract template from an external document (i.e., Word document), we recommend to copy and paste the content from Word to Notepad first to strip it off any existing formatting. This is because the formatting of Word documents is incompatible with Flare's text editor.


Additionally, if you pasted a contract from Notepad, ensure that you go through the whole content of your contract template and format the text accordingly.

Note: Refer to the Tips and Tricks with the Flare text editor article for more information on how to format your Contract Template.

8. Add fields to be auto-populated by Flare. Go through your contract template and identify parts which need to be configured per employee. (i.e., legal name of employee, job title of employee, salary of employee, etc.) To do this, select from the Fields drop-down to add merge fields to your contract. 

This will pull the respective employee information into the contract upon creation.


Note: For more information about how to use merge fields and for a list of Flare's most commonly-used merge fields, please click this link.

9. Once you're done editing the whole contract template, ensure that you select all text in your contract (Ctrl + A) template and set the Paragraph Format to Normal, Set the consistent Font and Font size


10. Click on Preview to see the actual look of the contract (what you see from the template box is different from how it eventually pulls out) 


11. Warm reminder: do click on Update constantly during the configuration of your contracts - you don't want to lose it!



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