How To Move a Document in the Organisation Library

Flare can store all of your organisation's policies, forms and other documents in an easy to access place – your Flare Organisation Library. Within the organisation library, you can organise your documents, upload documents, and create private/public files. 

This article will walk you through how to move documents between folders in the Organisation Library. For more information on using your Organisation Library, view our other how to guides below:

How to Add a Document in the Organisation Library

How to Delete a Document in the Organisation Library

How Do I Rename, Add & Delete A Folder In The Organisation Library?


Follow Me. 

  1. From the Menu, select Organisation > Library and navigate to the folder which stores the document you wish to move.
  2. On the document top right corner, click symbol.PNG  , hold and drag it to the folder you wish to move it to, then drop. It will now be stored in that folder.


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