How do I log into Flare for the first time

If your employer has just started using Flare, or you are a new employee that is starting your new role, you will receive a "Welcome email" that has all the details you need to log in for the first time.

This will be sent on behalf of your employer from: 


In the Welcome email you will be given:

  • Your log in Email address - this is the same email that you received the Welcome email too
  • A temporary password - this is used only when you log in for the first time
  • A Link to the Flare log in page

Each employer has a different way they display the log in details in the Welcome email, but the below is an example of what it looks like.




To log in for the first time:


1. Click the Flare link to open the Login screen and:

  • enter your email address;
  • enter your temporary password from the welcome email; and
  • click Login



A screen will open requesting that you enter in a 6-character verification code that has been sent to your email address.




2. Navigate back to your email inbox to open the verification email, which has the subject line 'Confirm your identity for Flare', and copy the 6 character verification code.



3. Navigate back to the Flare website and enter this code before clicking Verify.




4. You will then be requested to change your password. To do so, please:

  • enter your temporary password in the Current password field; 
  • enter the new password you'd like to use in the New password field;
  • reenter the new password in the Confirm new password field; and
  • click Change password.




5. You'll then be returned to the main login page where you can enter your email address and password and repeat steps 1-3 to login to securely log into Flare.






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