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How to add a visa


Flare makes keeping track of your Visa easy, just plug in the details and Flare will store it for easy access!


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1. Head over to Employees > Employee Details > Qualifications

2. Click on next to Visas and immigration

3. Click on the New visa to drop it down and fill out the required fields


Note: Make sure to fill out all fields relevant to your Visa

4. Adding a scanned copy of your license can be done by clicking add_new.PNGand uploading the copy

5. Don't forget to after all changes are made!

6. As Visas approach expiring date, there may be a smart alert notifying employees and their direct report manager (this may vary depending on how the smart alert is set up) to renew their Visa.

The smart alert settings can be found here: How to Create a Smart Alert

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