How To Override Approval Requests

As a System Administrator, you have the ability to approve or decline a request on other employees' behalf. This might come in handy when someone is on leave and an employee change needs to be actioned in Flare. 

If the correct permission access is granted to a user, all approval processes in Flare are able to be overridden. 

To learn how to set up an approval process, please access this article - How Do I Set Up an Approval Process?.

To action an approval request, please see here - How Can I Action an Approval Request.


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Note: Please ensure you have the required permission settings via the Approval : Global Override security permission in Flare. This is a secure permission, please be careful when providing this access. Reach out to the Flare Support Team for assistance. 

1. From the Menu, select Organisation, then Approvals.

2. In the Approvers dropdown, select 'All' from the dropdown to view all approval requests across all Approvers in Flare. 


3. Click on the thumbs up icon next to the approval and view further detail about the approval request.

4. Click on Approve or Decline next to the user you would like to action the override for. You will need to enter your username, password and signature. 

The override will be stored in Audit logs with a "Approved on behalf of" comment.  


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