How To View All Approval Requests

As a System Administrator, you might need to be able to check any past, future or outstanding approvals in Flare. This can assist you to hold your entire business accountable to making required changes or audit any past changes made in your platform. 

To learn how to set up an approval process, please access this article - How Do I Set Up an Approval Process?.

To action an approval request, please see here - How Can I Action an Approval Request.

You can even override any approval requests in Flare - How to override all approvals


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Note: Please ensure you have the required permission settings via the Approval : All Approvals security permission in Flare. This is a secure permission, please be careful when providing this access. Reach out to the Flare Support Team for assistance. 

1. From the Menu, select Organisation, then Approvals.

2. You have 5 drop-down filters to choose from that allow you to review a range of Approvals.

Approvers: Select 'All' from the dropdown to view all approval requests across all Approvers in Flare. 

Area of activity: Select the area of approvals you would like to view.

Approval types: Select the specific type of approval request to view. 

Status: Select All to view all Approval statuses in Flare (or specify a specific status).
Select 'Pending' to view any outstanding approvals across the Flare platform. 

Time period: Select All or further specify the time period. 



3. Click on the thumbs up icon next to the approval and view further detail about the approval request.

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