How To Set Up an Approval Process

Drive consistency and accuracy by having your approval process for each business request set up as template in Flare. This initial configuration for each of your approval types will then allow Flare to automate your business requests to the right mangers quickly and efficiently. Follow these steps to make approvals a streamlined process. 

Creating an approval process is going to be an initial task and will only need to be re-visited if your business approval process changes. Think of this task as setting up ‘templates’ so that your daily approval requests have a pattern to follow.

Flare will ‘trigger’ approval requests from different parts of the system that your team will use, like payroll, leave requests, job titles, employment status. These requests will require authorization based on the approval process you have set up here as a ‘template.


To learn how to action an approval request, please see here - How Can I Action an Approval Request

You can also set up access to viewing all approval requests in your platform - or even override any approval requests in Flare. 


Follow Me.

1.  From the Menu, select Settings, then Rules.

2. Click on the Approval processes 

3. You have 2 drop-down filters to choose from that allow you to review a range of Approvals. Select an Approval group (Employment, Process, or Performance Management), then select an approval type from this group.


The screen will refresh and there will be 3 panels of options to complete before you select update:

4. In the first panel called Approval title and details type in each text field the required information that the label asks for. i.e. Title field, enter in a title for your approval request.

5. Select an Approval time by entering in a number into the numerical field and selecting either days or hours from the drop-down options.

6. In the second panel called Approval persons you can use the following fields to select who can authorise this request.

You have the choice to use up to 3 authorisation levels or rounds. Complete only the levels that suit your business. These can be updated later if your process changes.

Work Groups: By typing in the name of the work group you are allowing any member of that work group to be an authoriser.

People: By typing in the name of a person you are requiring that specific person to be an authoriser.

Person’s manager: By ticking this box, Flare will automatically include the person’s direct manager that is currently listed in Flare.


7. In the third panel called Approval and authorisation process settings you can select very specific settings for this approval process template. Review the following:

Authorisation: These options will determine how much security or ‘authentication’ you require by each authoriser for each approval.

Approval requirements: These options determine the minimum number of people’s response, out of the authorisers selected, that you require to authorise the request for it to be successfully completed.

Decline requirements: These options determine the minimum number of people’s response, out of the authorisers selected, for a declined approval to be successfully completed

Approve or decline precedence: These options will determine how much weight is given to approvals or decline responses.


8. To make this approval process active, scroll to the top and tick the Active checkbox.

9.  To save this approval process, select Update.  


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