Set Up an Escalation Process for Pending Approvals

Approvals in Flare are used to ensure that certain changes applied to employee profiles such as salary changes, job title changes, or leave requests go through an approval process before the change takes effect.

For every approval request, there's a designated approver who needs to allow the change. However, in some cases, approvers may not available to sign off on an approval. During these cases, it is important to have an escalation process in place. This article would provide steps which can allow you to have an approval escalation process in Flare.

If you are not familiar with the approval set up process, please navigate to the following articles first:


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To implement an escalation process in Flare, you'll need to have users who have access to approve or decline any approval request in the account. In case any of the designated approvers you have originally assigned are not available, you will then have an identified group of users who are able to approve any request on behalf of anyone in the account.

Whenever a user with global approval override approves a request on behalf of someone else,


Set up a Global Approval Override Permission Group

This step will allow you to create a Permission Group which can be provisioned to users who need to have access to approve any approval in the system.


  • Navigate to Settings > Security
  • Click Add New to create a new Permission Group
  • Name the new Permission Group as "Global Approval Override"


  • Ensure that all Permission Items are visible by clicking on All as seen above.
  • Set all Permission Items to None or No.
  • Once all Permission Items are set to None, scroll back up to click Save.


  • At the bottom of the list, only set the following Permission Items to Yes
    • Approval: All Approvals- this allows users who are provisioned with this Permission Group to see all approvals in the platform.
    • Approval: Global Override- this allows users who are provisioned with this Permission Group to approve requests on behalf of anyone.
  • Scroll up and click Save


  • Click on the Menu button.
  • Untick all options except for Organisation > Approvals
  • Click Save.


  • Click on the Members button.
  • Add the users who need to be provisioned with the Global Approval Override Permission Group.
    • Note: Do NOT add an entity to the Legal Entity field in this section. This would provision all employees in the entity with the Permission Group to view and approve any approval request in the platform.
  • Click Save.

Note: Limit the number of users with the Global Approval Override as these users will have access to all approval requests going through the platform. This includes salary changes and job title changes, among others.

Approving a request on behalf of someone


  • Navigate to Organisation > Approvals
  • Select All under the Approvers drop down list to make all approval requests in the account visible
  • Click on the thumbs up button beside the relevant approval request
  • Add a comment to record why you're approving a request on behalf of someone else
  • Click Approve




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