Guide to Edit or setup Process Step Groups


In Flare, the Step Groups are used to determine the category that a process step belongs to. This is what a new recruit or active employee is presented with when they first log into Flare.


These step groups can be reconfigured to reflect your company brand, which can help engage employees earlier on in their onboarding journey. This article explains how you can update the imagery and wording that displays in Onboarding. 

Follow Me. 

  1. Navigate to Settings > Rules > Process step group

  2. Click on a process step group to preview its content including the title, description, button text and imagery.

  3. Edit the details of the step group and click save to update. Here are the uses for the different step groups:
    • Join the Team - used for new employee onboarding as the first step group
    • Join Flare - used for active employee onboarding as the first step group
    • Your details - used for all onboarding workflows
    • Salary and Benefits - used for all onboarding workflows

  4. For each process template, in Process steps setup a step group must be saved for each onboarding step to help control the order of the steps. Keep this in mind when updating the content in Settings > Rules > Process Templates > Onboarding and Offboarding:

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