How To Add or Update a Video in a Process Template


Add a video to your onboarding journey and further engage your new starters! Here's how:

1. Navigate to Settings > Rules and select the Process templates tab
2. Select the Onboarding & Off boarding process group and then select the Onboarding process
3. Scroll down the page to find the process steps and select the video step.


Uploading MP4 or Mov video files

If the video is a mp4 or a mov file, follow the below steps:

1. Change the option from YouTube to Flare
2. Click on Upload and find the local file from your computer
3. Once the upload is complete click Save.


4. After saving your new video, select the YouTube radio button and click Save again on that step. A number should become visible in the YouTube field.
5. Finally, select the Flare radio button on the step and click Save.

Note: If no number visible in the YouTube field after following the above steps, please contact Support or if you are in the implementation phase please contact your Project Manager for assistance. The video will be hosted on the private Vimeo site.


Adding a link to a YouTube Video

Change the radio button selection to YouTube.
2. Insert the YouTube embedded link into the YouTube field on the video step. 
An example of an embedded link would be
3. Make sure you click Save.

Image placeholder & Video title

When a video is added, the video title will display in the pop-up header when the video plays. The title is automatically set to “Welcome!”

Note: There is a placeholder image which will show in the step until the employee clicks on the "Play" button.  If you would like to replace the placeholder image on the video step:

1. Click on the image and a pop-up window will arise.
2. Click Select image and find the local file from your computer.
3. Click Save on the bottom righthand corner.

Note: The welcome video will not preview on this page, it can only be seen when Onboarding.

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