How To Export Employee Details Using the Batch Upload Function


The Batch Upload functionality is used to import or update employee details in Flare, however, it can also be used to build your own, custom report. 

Follow Me.

1. Go to Organisation > Manage Employees > Batch Upload.


2. Within STEP1 select which information you would like to view in your report. For example, if you want to see all employees' emergency contact details, tick 'Emergency contact' and leave all other options unchecked. 

Tip: You can select Basic to uncheck all the options. Hovering over the  will give you more detail about what is included in this data section.


3. Under STEP 2 Tick the Include existing employee info in the spreadsheet box to download your employees' information.

Note: If left unticked, the system will only download an empty template spreadsheet.

4. Click Get Employee Import Spreadsheet to generate the excel file.


5. You will receive an email once your report is ready to download. Your download is available by navigating to Home > Action Items > File Download. Select the file and click Download to retrieve the excel file.


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