Steps To Set Up and Generate Reports / Data Exports Using FlareConnect


FlareConnect lets you export data from FlareHR using the following predefined extracts that are provided as standard with your account:

  1. New Employee Data
  2. Leave Requests
  3. Timesheet Data

Access to this area requires certain permissions. If you do not have access to this area, and have the permission to edit security settings follow the steps here to enable it (or contact your administrator for help).

Follow Me.

1. From the Menu, select FlareConnect > Autolink > Export

2. Locate the Data export title menu and select what you would like to export


3. Select the pay group, legal entity, data source and date period which will define the data being pulled

4. Select the data range you would like to retrieve in your export, the options are:

  • Incremental data (Since last time)
  • Incremental data - added records only (Since last time)
  • Incremental data - updated records only (Since last time)
  • Full data extract (all time) *default option
  • Incremental data - on-boarded (Since last time)
  • Single employee

5. Once you're done select Grab my data to export the data.  (Default is via CSV)


6. Once the data is retrieved you will be able to download it by navigating to Home > Action Items.

7. Select the File Download button and then click Download to view the CSV.



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